SAB Technology Inc. is a boutique biotech firm dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality viral vectors. Lead by Dr. Shangzhen Zhou, we represent years of refinement and improvement in vector production, particular Adeno-Associated Viral (AAV) vectors.

Acknowledged as the leader of productivity and quality in AAV manufacture, Dr. Zhou has been at the forefront of AAV vector manufacture ever since it became the preferred platform for gene therapy in 1990s. She has served as the director of vector production unit at a number of academic institute and biotech firms. Over the last 20 years, Dr. Zhou has made seminal contribution to the clinical success of AAV gene therapy.

Under the technical leadership of Dr. Zhou, our current services focus on the production of recombinant AAV viral vectors for in vitro/in vivo experiments and large animal studies. Our experienced staff work closely with our clients to plan and develop vectors for individual project requirements. We have extensive experience and proven track record in producing multiple AAV serotypes. Due to our unique manufacturing method, we are able to provide high productivity, and clear separation of full viral particles with transgene DNA from empty particles, allowing for post production formulation. We also provide reporter gene vectors from our diverse inventory list.